Friday, June 19, 2009


Ni haaa..syaza amani.hari ni dah 35days she kena sunat he he...

and my daughter alea n ariana still demam chicken pop.what to do...already 6days dah...whole body kena...and alea always asked me why should dia kena chicken pop?and no answer...sometime she blame his brother adam..ha pity this boy.

alea ni tersangat la malu bila nak going out...closing her face with two hand when people see to her...and mak lang ,mak uda and danish also kena chicken pop except me and damia(until now la) but tomorrow i dont know...

i have some photo,wait la ...i got ariana photo only...i cannot get alea photo bcoz she dont want show her chicken pop face.she said she very malu.

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